President's Note…..


I had the opportunity to attend the Missouri Association of School Nurse (MASN) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. SLSSNA can send two representatives to the MASN BOD meeting, which is held twice a year. If you would like to come with me this spring, let me know.


At the BOD meeting, we discussed updates on MASN committees, liaisons, and MASN districts reviewing accomplishments and making recommendations. A common deficiency every committee and MASN district was identifying is membership and membership involvement in committees. Both MASN & SLSSNA have a small group of members (less than ten members) that handle most affairs and business for the organizations. We would love to get more assistance for different viewpoints on both levels and to lighten the workload.


We brainstormed possible barriers for membership and membership involvement. SLSSNA is still the largest and most active MASN district in the state, but our membership is about half to two-thirds of what it usually is. I am not sure what is leading to the decrease in membership. As we sat around brainstorming, and the idea clicked in the room, why are we guessing why: why don't we ask our members and the school nurses that are not joining our organizations. We will be sending out surveys at the beginning of the new year to see how we can improve our organization; please give us your feedback. But in the meantime, if you have ideas on improving SLSSNA, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I hope you feel my genuine meaning behind the statement when I say we want SLSSNA to improve and grow.


I challenge each of you to find a school nurse that is not a member of SLSSNA and/or MASN and encourage them to join either/both organizations. Tell them the benefits you get from SLSSNA. It is our professional responsibility, as nurses, to be members and participate in our professional organizations.


We also need members to volunteer for our committees. The commitment can be as little or as much as you can give.


Take care,

Angie Oest


P.S. Sorry for the long note.




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