Applying Health Literacy Strategies for the School Nurse

Presented by: Christopher Casey, M.P.H.

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Medicaid Expansion- Are We There Yet?

Presented by Leann Chilton
Vice President, Government Relations

Medicaid Expansion 12.2.2020 (Powerpoint)
Medicaid Expansion Quick Links 12.2.2020

Asthma Management in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic: Update for the School Nurse

Presented by Beth Roehm

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Being the Voice of Reason Within Your School community During a Pandemic and Beyond

Kim Webb BSN, RN, NCSN

VOR revised_Table_1 (1)10.15.20 Presentation

Being the Voice of Reason Within Your School Community During a Pandemic and Beyond

Impactful Emails 10.15.20 Presentation

Reentry Implications for School Nurses During COVID-19

September 17, 2020

Dr. Robin Wallin and Katherine Park, MSN, RN, NCSN

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Encopresis: Identification and Treatment Julie Parker PT

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital


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June 25th Lunch and Learn: Ouch, Human Bite Protocol Ruth Collins BSN, BBA, RN, NCSN


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June 18th Lunch and Learn: Stop the Bleed STL University School of Medicine- Laurie Punch MD


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June 11th Lunch and Learn: Drug Assessment @ School - Jenny Armbruster Deputy Executive Director NCADA

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June 4th Lunch and Learn: G-tubes, G-J-tubes, PICC lines, and Trachs ...OMG Katharine Pearson, RN, MSN, CPN


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SLSSNA May Dinner Meeting

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An Introduction to E-Cigarettes: What’s Old is New Again. Dr. Keith E. Streets DC

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School Health and Public Health: Who Ya Gonna Call?  Becky Schrama, MA, BSN, RN

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Emotional Intelligence, Chris Frey, LCSW

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Stress Relief in Children, Laurie Chappell, MSN, RN  Certified  Holistic Stress Management Instructor, Education Coordinator
Community Outreach Department St. Luke's Hospital

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Asthma Resources from June Lunch and Learn, Reagan Nelson Asthma and Allergy Foundation of St. Louis

  • Impact Asthma ECHO - These are those weekly calls on Tuesday where difficult cases are presented and anyone can join as a participant. It's probably a great time to hop in a call during the summer to see how valuable they are!  
  • Inhaler Charts - I think you can download them for free instead of purchasing them.
  • NHLBI guidelines, quick reference guide. I encourage nurses to request one of these to keep in their schools.
  • Request Equipment for your schools through RESCUE. Or have nurses send me their email addresses so we can add them to our open enrollment opportunity this August.
  • Get an individual child signed up with resources through BREATH

April 2018  Asthma In a Minute

February 2018   Presentation Positive Uses of Social Media by School Nurses

When to Stay Home Handout

January 2018   Presentation Ethical Decision Making

October 2017  Presentation Cultural Competency